join us for your tailored Feast Experience. Dine in candlelit ambiance on mouthwatering traditional local dishes including janje (Lamb on the Spit) and hobotnice ispod peke (Dalmatian oven-style octopus) and janje ispod peke (oven roast lamb. Vegetarians can indulge in delicious punjena paprika (stuffed peppers). Dishes are prepared by local village cooks famed for their expertise in these specialised plates.Taste the magic of ancient family recipes prepared using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients and cooked as they have been cooked in Dalmatia’s village kitchens for centuries.
Before the meal, take a tour of our fertile lands, learn about the history of cultivation and survival on the Dalmatian coast and select your own sun-dappled produce fresh from the fields.

By Appointment only.


Don’t miss our shop, Blago Dalmatia’s tasting experiences. Take a tour of the tiny boutique wineries and meet our local Rakija magicians before returning to our store to taste their wares paired with fresh figs, tangy Pag cheese and homemade pickles.

By Appointment only.

Tour of the Area

Vrsi, Nin and the surrounding area are ideal to explore by bike. Take time, relax and cruise about the countryside exploring hidden lanes and coastal paths. Meander from olive grove to vineyard, mind the local donkeys and hear from your guide about the land, the landmarks, the people and the place. We will share our favorite lookout spots from which to enjoy views and hear the folk-tales of the breathtaking Velibit Mountains and surrounding islands.
Tour highlights include the iconic 13th century Romanesque Church of St Lauren and the Church of Our Lady, nestled in picturesque Zeceva (Rabbit) Bay. End your tour with Alfred Hitchcock’s favorite sunset, local wine, cheeses and locally-sourced, hand-cured charcuterie.
Tours are tailored to suit varying levels of energy.

Private Boat tours

Know that your safe and enjoy knowing that your guide is First Aid trained and is licensed, Visit underwater ship wrecks, snorkel in Marine national parks, See Submarine tunnels and of course some of the clearest waters anywhere, go through the Islands and look out to Italy. We design your custom Sea Escape with our without Dinners your guide will take you to underwater museums with a high chance to see dolphins.


Let us take you to see astonishing views of the underground with hundreds of still insufficiently explored caves.

The most well-known and open to guests are Cerovačke Caves, Manita Cave, Modrić Cave, Strašna Cave . The biggest ones open to guests are Cerovačke Caves. Besides its endless beauty of stalaglites and stalagmites of rainbow colour, these are also one of the biggest sites of the cave bear in Croatia. Inside of the caves fossil human bones and bronze axes were also found. The length of the largest cave is 3,800 m. They are rich in cave decorations and karst phenomena (abysses and chimneys). They have been under protection since 1961.

We will stop and take in the gorgous scenery of Vinjerac and have a coffee by on the bay of this idyllic
dalmation village.