Let us take you to see astonishing views of the underground with hundreds of still insufficiently explored caves.

The most well-known and open to guests are Cerovačke Caves, Manita Cave, Modrić Cave, Strašna Cave . The biggest ones open to guests are Cerovačke Caves. Besides its endless beauty of stalaglites and stalagmites of rainbow colour, these are also one of the biggest sites of the cave bear in Croatia. Inside of the caves fossil human bones and bronze axes were also found. The length of the largest cave is 3,800 m. They are rich in cave decorations and karst phenomena (abysses and chimneys). They have been under protection since 1961.

We will stop and take in the gorgous scenery of Vinjerac and have a coffee by on the bay of this idyllic
dalmation village.